Enhancing pet food protection

Videka captures the best of two leading global companies, Diana Pet Food and Kalsec®, to better serve the rendering and pet food industries with natural protection solutions. 

A unique combination of expertise

Videka provides to both industries a strong history of innovation in palatability and specialty pet food ingredients with Diana Pet Food and oxidation management expertise in human food with Kalsec®. Both companies share a strong commitment of responsiveness and transparency as core values. 

A refreshing, collaborative approach

Videka offers a refreshing, collaborative approach for its customers improving the freshness and safety of pet food brands. Supported by its world class R&D, sensory and analytical capabilities, Videka works in close collaboration with customers to offer them tailored support and advice: process, applications, analytical, sensory.

clean labels

trustworthy ingredients

rigorous quality and safety standards

Videka products

With three dedicated product lines, Videka addresses many of the technical challenges faced by the rendering and pet food industry. Optimized natural oxidation management formulations for complete dispersion and incorporation into all points of the pet food manufacturing process whether a dry or liquid solution is needed.


Oxidation management systems designed to provide maximum protection from multiple aspects of oxidation deterioration.

Developed for specific product and processing conditions


  • Rendered proteins (poultry, fish, lamb)
  • Rendering fats and oils
  • Extruded pet food and treats
  • Baked pet food and treats
  • Freeze-dried pet food

Natural extractives of rosemary that contribute to the flavor enhancement of pet foods.

Available in oil and water dispersible forms


  • Rendered proteins (poultry, fish, lamb)
  • Rendering fats and oils

Perfect solution for extruded products combining unique water soluble organic with fat soluble free radical scavengers. 

Addition at inclusion prior to heating treatment


  • Extruded pet food and treats
  • Baked pet food and treats
  • Soft/moist foods and treats

Discover our services

Videka has a global network of resources from market research to analytical and sensory support, all while providing localized service:

Targeted analyses of pet food market trends and positioning support.

Customized products and personalized scientific training for customers.

Expert technical support to maximize pet food and rendering process efficiency including dedicated shelf-life and challenge studies.

Analytical and sensory support to assess rendered products and  pet food performance such as dog and cat panel testing, aldehydes, PV, Rancimat, Oxipress and antioxidant concentrations.